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Welcome to Tap Printing Inc. We're proud to be a full-service printing company in Warren, RI, that offers single- through four-color printing, copying, and finishing services, as well as a variety of bulk mailing services. Contact us today to learn how our printing and mailing services will benefit you.

History (Since 1973)

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Timothy. He lived in Warren, Rhode Island. One day when he was seven years old, his aunt sent his brothers and him money to pick out their own Christmas gifts, so his Dad took them all to American Toy in Pawtucket. Tim saw a toy called "The Big Press," a toy printing press. It was love at first sight. Tim's first project was a neighborhood "fun" newsletter for his friends and neighbors.

At age ten, Tim printed church bulletins and other newsletters on a mimeograph machine that belonged to a small local secretarial service. When Tim was 13, he purchased a Chandler & Price foot-powered letterpress and about seven cases of lead type. With these, he began printing tickets, menu cards, stationery, "peanut bags," etc. for friends and local businesses in his parents' cellar. At 14, he bought a 750 Multilith Offset Press for printing in large quantities (this one was electric foot pedal!).

Tim was so interested in printing that in high school, he took as many printing classes as time allowed along with all his other classes. At 17, when he graduated, he added a new AB Dick 360 and expanded to multi-color printing work.

Young Timothy

In late 1973, Tim officially founded the company and named it Tap Printing. Tim continued to run the company in his parents' cellar until 1978 when he married Frances, and then he moved Tap Printing into his own cellar! In 1986, he added phototypesetting on a Varityper Compset 3510 to his list of services. He then started shifting from letterpress to offset printing to provide better quality and turnaround time to his valued customers.
In early 1988, Tap Printing became a corporation and moved into an 800-square-foot storefront location on Metacom Avenue in Warren and has been there since. Copying was added to the services in 1988, along with complete darkroom services. A year later, the store size was doubled to 1600 square feet to make room for the addition of a new AB Dick two-color press, a Heidelberg Windmill, and some folding and other bindery equipment. Macintosh computers were introduced to provide more creative and expedient typesetting and graphic design. At the same time, a plan was implemented to keep Macintosh computers updated with the most current graphics software available. This plan required changes in computer hardware as well.
Late in 1989, a high-speed copier was added, and in 1992, a color copier was purchased. Tim also added shipping services and wide format laminating to the long list of counter services offered. In 1994, Richard St. Hilaire, Jr. joined the Tap Printing team with his eleven years of experience as a pressman. In 1996, the square footage of the existing facility building—still at the same Metacom Avenue location—increased again.
In 1999, Tap invested in a state-of-the-art Heidelberg Quickmaster printing press. Then in 2002, it was replaced with a new Heidelberg Printmaster because of the increase in productivity it offered. In 2002, Kerri Curcio joined the Tap team with her eight years of printing and graphic design education and experience.
Tap Printing, Inc. now has four presses, three copiers, five computers, the latest graphic design software, and a multitude of bindery equipment. There is so much more to know about us, but we thought this little story would let you rest assured that we've been around awhile, and our experienced team knows what we're doing!

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